What does London look like on the first day back after the Christmas holidays?

Twitter gives you a great perspective. Here are some examples of how some London people that I follow are feeling about the world this morning….

Still cant get to sleep—->

2.42am India Knight : “This is a disaster. It’s end-of-Christmas Monday and I’m awake and it’s 2.41.”

Working through the night—-> 

4.30am: Tom Reynolds  who is an ambulance driver and working nights :”Second job tonight where we have a not very sick person, and the ambulance has been followed by a relative in a car.”

Back to work/school anxiety—–>

4.46am: Polstar who is a teacher:”nightmares all last night about starting teaching tomorrow – not good :(”   I know that feeling.

Back to normal—–>

5.49am: Iain Dale  political commentator: “Will be on GMTV at 6.10am with @jessica_asato talking about the state of politics.”

Back with a bong—->

6am: Big Ben : “BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG” Always a reliable twitterer!

Back with a bang—->

6.24am KristainLondon: “Trying to start 2010 off right…got up at 5:45 so I can be in the office by 7 and clear out my 800 unread emails.”

Back to work transport nightmare—->

6.50am BBCTravelAlert: “good morning – happy new ones and what a start to the day- my car is frozen solid. Jules here. Brrrr-cats out there & probs on public tranny”  

7am: BritJamez: “It was soooooo cold when I woke at 5 this morning!!! It’s not THAT much warmer now!”

7.45am. Simon Collister : “Queue this morning out of ticket office, across main concourse, through WH Smi’ths and right up to coffee counter next door. #backtoworkfail

7.53am. BBCTravelAlert: “District Line spended tween Wimbledon & Parsons Green & H’mith And Cit tween Whitechapel & Barking due sig failure.The Drain spended too”

8.06am. Simon Collister : “My glasses have frozen to my face”

A day for working at home perhaps—->

8.10am. Lucy Inglis : “Slippers check, dressing gown check, kettle on check, cricket on check, duvet carefully arranged on sofa check. Combine.”

8.10am. DarrelButcher: “Now that’s more like it. up and dressed, mummy off to work and household jobs on the go, welcome back everyone……”

8.14am. Dave Hill : “Samuel Pepys’s diaries began 350 years ago http://bit.ly/751OD0

And so (with that) back to bed I think……………the cricket’s started. And unbelievably England have taken 4 wickets for 17 runs; South africa all out. This must be a sign!

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