A mews is a marvellous London thing. In the old days, before the invention of the internal combustion engine, large houses shared a sliver of local land in which stables were built to keep the horses that pulled their owners’ carriages. As the horses became redundant, the stables were converted to homes and workshops. These days mews houses have become desirable abodes, often in very nice areas.

I was walking along Warren Street and came across the entrance to Warren Mews which I’d never noticed before despite passing it at least one hundred times in the last year.

The view from Warren Street

It’s a lovely example. Cobbled road in front of houses flush against the edge of it. No gardens. Looks cool. Particularly with the Post Office Tower keeping an eye on the place.

The reverse view back towards Warren Street

The building over the entrance is often the most interesting but this news has  couple of fine garages as well.


And it has a hidden door to doubt through to a secret garden.

Hidden door