I went on a photo expedition to the City of London shortly before Christmas 2015. It was a pleasure watching other people working whilst I wasn’t.

We started at the Monument.

Built in the 1670’s as a monument to commemorate The Great Fire of London of 1666, it is located just round the corner from Pudding Lane where the fire started.

There are 311 steps to the viewing platform which 160ft high (the golden top of the monument is 202 feet high)

Although dwarfed by some of the new City buildings, you still get a great panoramic view of the square mile and beyond.


View from the top of the Monument through the grill towards London’s new buildings, the “Mobile Phone”, the “Cheese Grater” and the “Gherkin”


Before: 311 steps looking up to the top of the Monument


After: Looking down the staircase from the top of the Monument


The Monument on a crisp December morning


The top of the Monument from the viewing platform