Designed by Alexander Binnie, an engineer who was also responsible for the Blackwall Tunnel and Vauxhall Bridge, the Greenwich foot tunnel connects Greenwich on the south bank to the Isle of Dogs across the water.

[ I interrupt this blog entry to reflect for a moment on Binnie’s achievement. It’s a quite remarkable individual contribution to the city of London to have created three different Thames crossings – a bridge, a foot tunnel and a tunnel for traffic. He certainly left his mark on the capital.]

Completed in 1902, itis open 24 hours a day, is 370 metres long and 3 metres in diameter.

Its a strange silent world down there in the tunnel, but worth experiencing at least once. And the best pictures of Greenwich are to be had from across the river.

The Greenwich

Stairway to the bottom

Looking up

Overhead, the underside of the steps above

Warning signs

Tunnel vision

Along the bottom

The missing Joy Division album

Approaching the Isle of Dogs

Fresh air, arriving on the Isle of Dogs

Exotic plants on the north bank