I found this pub after walking from Limehouse and across Canary Wharf. Heading south on a busy faceless road past Poplar Dock and then the West Indian Millwall Docks I was about to cross the industrial-looking bridge ahead to where I thought the pub was located when I looked left when it surprised me at the end of a small row of terraced houses over the other side of the busy road.

It has a naval history. Sitting snugly on the bend of the Thames, there are claims that Lord Nelson dallied with Lady Nelson in one of the rooms here. Nowadays there were no jolly tars to be seen and the pub has suffered the slings and arrows of gentrification. Magnolia was the dominant colour in the bar. I was disappointed on first impression, particularly having left The Grapes of Limehouse to walk here.

But I persevered and am glad I did so. The staff were exceedingly friendly. I ordered a bowl of chips and the barman rushed the order to catch the closing kitchen. He poured me a superb pint of London Pride which I took through to the terrace behind. In front of me was the perfect view of the O2 as big as you like on the other side of the river.

I sat next to a lovely American woman who had a small child asleep in a push chair and we chatted about the world whilst looking out at the river. She turned out to be married to a professional footballer who plays for Birmingham City and was the least likely wag you will meet. My chips arrived and they were so good that they may have been the best chips I’ve ever had. So good in fact that I was pleased when the lovely American lady turned down my offer of one of them and her child was asleep.

The pint went down singing hymns. The American lady left. I checked the football results on my phone and thought about one more for the road. But I’d enjoyed my time at The Gun so much that I didnt want to spoil it with a disappointing second pint. The efficient barman was friendly and thanked me for coming as I left. What a lovely pub. I’d change the colour in the main bar, though.

A very decent pint and possibly the best chips in the world

A very decent pint and possibly the best chips in the world

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