This is a rather lovely pub that I stumbled across recently. The Duke of York sits as part of a Grade II listed, 1930’s development on the corner of John’s Mews and a section of road that seems to be Doughty Mews according to the map but claims to be on Roger Street as per the sign of the pub. It is also uncertain of its own name, appearing ashamed of its allegiances to the House of York these days and trading under the simpler name of The Duke. Just like John Wayne.

The whole development is an example of a very English version of modernist architecture, designed by D.E.Harrington – heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright – who would create office blocks, apartments and the odd fantastic house like this (I want it!). The sticky-uppy bit of red brick building on the left of the development is Mytre House, which is office space. The cute development to the right of the pub, as we look at it, with curved balconies is Mytre Court, which is residential. When I was growing up it was my ambition to live in a red-bricked flat with a balcony. If I can’t have the Harrington house, I would happily settle for one of these flats particularly as they nestle above a smashing boozer which retains much of the original decor and fabric, one of the reasons cited for the listing of the whole development. And it serves beer!