The beautiful houses on Mile End Road

Turn right out of Stepney Green tube station and after a brief walk you come across these  magnificent Georgian houses built around 1740. Every time I see them I have to blink; they are in superb condition and great to look at.  It was not always thus; they were wonderfully restored by the Spitalsfield Trust at the turn of this century but now look like Georgian show-houses.

The left hand house is at 133/5 Mile End Mile End Road which was a sickly child when taken on by the Trust having lost its top floor from bomb damage during the Second Floor.

The address of right hand one is 137/9 Mile End Road

The story of how the Spitalsfield Trust restored them is here

137/139 Mile End Road in summer bloom

The door to 137/139

133/135 Mile End Road with its restored top floor

The doorway of 133/135 Mile End Road

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  1. Jon freeman

    I used to live in Mile End and love some of the architecture round there. Did you wander into Tredegar Square?

  2. I did indeed. Its a lovely square. And my family came from Tredegar in Wales, so always had a soft spot for Tredegar Square.

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