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It was surrounding a building in the city

London From Cromwell Tower 1977

The Barbican’s concrete jungle, “Looking From Cromwell Tower”

The Cripplegate area of the City of London was decimated during the Blitz. In the 1950’s it was decided to build the Barbican residential estate on the Cripplegate…

02 Bill Jacklin - Before the Hurricane Regent Street (1988)

Bill Jacklin – London cityscapes

This is Before The Hurricane, Regent Street by Bill Jacklin, painted in 1988. I like the movement in this picture, the sweep of Regent Street and the lines of vehicles…

Matthew Lindop’s clean-lined London pictures

Matthew Lindop paints cityscapes, mostly of London where he lives. This picture is The City At Night and is typical of his work. He spends his time looking…

“Bishopsgate At Dusk” by Olha Pryymak

    What a good picture. In it, London experiences one of those occasional and strange moments of calm. The traffic has been stopped at a junction, nobody is…