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The view from Platform 9, London Bridge Station

I think I’ve found the best place in South London  to gaze upon the majestic Shard. Platform 9 of the hugely and impressively  revamped London Bridge railway station…

The Quad at Guy’s Hospital

It is surrounded by modern monoliths of the NHS; huge utilitarian buildings of glass and steel that may be efficient and fit for purpose but they are not…

Shard and the Tower

I took this from Tower Hill. The Shard appears to be ascending out of the Tower of London like a reluctant snake charmed from its basket.

St Dunstans In the East

St Dunstan’s survived the Great Fire but took a bomb during the Blitz and not much of it remains except for the tower that was designed by Christopher…

Sailing at Shadwell basin

I don’t know this neck of the woods very well. Turning east  out of Wapping Station I was surprised to come across this lovely sight while crossing the…

Casting off

A father and son fishing off the side of the Limehouse Basin. Shard photo-bombing in the distance.

Borough Market at setting up time

I popped into Borough Market at around 8am last Saturday. Most of the setting up at had been completed by the stall-holders but very few customers had yet…

Tower Bridge from the East

I’ve lathered this picture in filters to make it feel like an illustration from a ladybird book. Looks retro-futuristic, I think.

A scene from a future Dr Who episode

It could be the 19th century apart from The Shard and the Mayor’s offices which look as though they have been dropped in from the 22nd century. I…

The Shard looking like a building in a futuristic cityscape