Matthew Lindop paints cityscapes, mostly of London where he lives. This picture is The City At Night and is typical of his work. He spends his time looking up at the skyline and his subject tends to be the outline of the city’s buildings. People rarely make it into view. Its a very calm and collected world as a consequence.

He describes his approach on his website (here) : “Buildings are composed of defined lines, which is reflected in my work. I paint using flat colours and hard edges. I paint using household gloss paints, this gives the work a vibrant, polished, shiny and crisp appearance. I like to work on a large scale as I feel it increases the importance and stature of a painting.”

This next picture is Once Canda Square And HSBC. You can understand why a number of city companies have commissioned Matthew to paint pictures of the buildings that they occupy.

And sometimes he zooms in on a specific detail. This is Gherkin With Japanese Cherry Blossom which he painted as a commission for Trust magazine. I think the calm, clarity of James’ style works well with the Japanese theme.

You can also see Matthew’s work on Private View.