The Prospect of Whitby is in Wapping. If you want to find it, start at Tower Bridge, head east along the north side of the Thames and keep walking until you hit the pub which is on Wapping Wall.

The pub’s  garden looks out across the Thames towards Rotherhithe on the south bank.

The building is very olde-worlde which is unsurprising as it was established in 1520 and has clearly served one or two pints during its lifetime.  There is a board outside that shows all of the monarch’s who have reigned over the pub’s drinkers, the first one being Henry VIII.

If you did wander to Wapping to imbibe, you would be sharing an experience with a person from the world of 1520 which had not yet seen the formation of the Church of England as well as Charles Dickens and Samuel Pepys who both supped here.

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