At the end of the seventeenth century, Edward Wardour, who developed this part of Soho, leased a plot of to the man who lay his paving slabs, one Thomas Green.

Green built some houses on the land and the street became known as Green’s Court. It is still there, connecting Brewer Street in the south with Peter Street. It runs on from the land that his workmate, the plasterer Richard Hopkins, leased to create Hopkins Street. (Round the corner is Tyler’s Court; Tyler was the bricklayer in the gang.)

Its an old-fashioned Soho court. Doorways open to staircases promising Models in the rooms above. A sex shop Up West British Adult Shop mixes it with coffee bars and barbers shops. The sort of place that will no doubt be spruced up as Soho develops and goes upmarket. On the corner with Brewer Street there is an old Italian delicatessen called Lina’s which dates back to the 1940’s. It’s already gone chi-chi (and green), a fate awaiting much of the area.

Entering Greens Court from Brewer Street

Looking towards Brewer Street

Models upstairs

Towards Peter Street

Tables outside Lina’s on the corner of Brewer Street

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