It connects St Martins Lane and Bedfordbury and is another one of those hidden courts around Covent Garden. You could walk past it without giving it the time of day but its well worth the detour.

Giobanni’s Restuarant, one of the old fashioned but inviting Italian restaurants which used to be plentiful in London but are becoming harder to find, hides down the Court as you step off Bedfordbury.

Opposite the restaurant is the reason to pay a visit to Goodwins Court – a lovely row of Georgian houses with original wooden shop fronts. They were built around 1690 but the passageway itself is much older and was previously known as Fishers Alley.

Once you pass the restaurant the walls opposite these Georgian houses are very plain. When you get to the other end, the Court gets scruffy and non-descript and you step over bags of rubbish before rejoining the modern world of St. Martins Lane.

It is worth a visit, though, simply to gaze upon the Georgian shop fronts.

The entrance to Goodwins Court from Bedfordbury

The row of houses in Goodwins Court

Looking back at Bedfordbury. Giobanni’s Restaurant. is on the left.

Giobanni’s Restaurant established in 1952.

Looking back to Bedfordbury.

The sign which tells that the row of houses was probably built around 1690.

The way in from St Martins Lane.

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