Disney re-draws London

I’ve just come across this superb analysis of Disney’s original animated version of 101 Dalmations. Its written by Oswald Iten in his Colourful Animation Expressions blog. Oswald explores the way in which London is used symbolically in the film. It’s worth a read and makes some interesting points about what is going on in the movie and the way in which the story is being told.

I’ve always liked the animated version of 101 Dalmations (alternatively I loathe the recent re-makes) and the way in which it was drawn. Unusually for a Disney film, one man was largely resposible for the entire storyboard. His name was Bill Peet, he sadly passed away in 2002, and he was also an illustrator of note. His website is here. Peet made London look twee but lovely. I have one small bone to pick as, apart from the obvious landmarks of Big Ben etc, the London that Peet and his team drew looks nothing much like the London I know. In fact it looks more like Paris to me. Anybody got any ideas where these streets are meant to be in London? Its never detracted from my enjoyment of the film and I’m always prepared to grant artistic licence, but its a slight nagging distraction.

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  1. Thanks for the plug! It reminds me that someday I have to finish the analysis of the remaining parts of the movie.

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