As I walked along St Martin’s Place  into Trafalgar Square I came across this man wearing a clown’s outfit. He was sitting on the wall just about to tuck into a burger. I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Was he a real clown? Had he run away from the circus or just finished a long day of children’s parties? Was clowning his life or did he have a day job? How did he end up here, at midnight, with a burger in his hand?

I’m sorry to report that he looked worn out and defeated by life when I saw him. Head down. But that might have been caused by the lateness of the hour or a temporary setback. He might have been hungry or drunk or both. A quick burger could well have set him right. A happy fellow once again striding into the future in his out-sized, flapping boots. And rotating bow tie. Ready for more clowning.