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The pink thinker

Out the back of The Grapes pub in Limehouse, if you swivel your head to the left you see this fellow.

By Poplar demand

Poplar from Canary Wharf, looking over Poplar Dock

Casting off

A father and son fishing off the side of the Limehouse Basin. Shard photo-bombing in the distance.

The Gun at Coldharbour

I found this pub after walking from Limehouse and across Canary Wharf. Heading south on a busy faceless road past Poplar Dock and then the West Indian Millwall…

London’s pub heritage: The Grapes at Limehouse

It sits on Narrow Street as part of a row of old houses and warehouses that now look shabby chic among the modern houses that surround them. The…

London’s pub heritage: The Prospect of Whitby

The Prospect of Whitby is in Wapping. If you want to find it, start at Tower Bridge, head east along the north side of the Thames and keep…

Tower Bridge from the East

I’ve lathered this picture in filters to make it feel like an illustration from a ladybird book. Looks retro-futuristic, I think.

Walkway across the Thames

Just along from The Prospect of Whitby pub in Wapping, there is a semi-circular walkway that takes you part-way out into the Thames. I took this photo from…

Bridge meets buildings meets Thames

I really liked the 3 different textures. The grimy underbelly of the tart that is Tower Bridge contrasting against the brazen posturing of the More London buildings on…