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Cricket nets in winter

Another picture from Hogwarts (aka Dulwich College). The cricket nets in the winter half light.

Two sides to every story

The Borribles – pointy eared class warfare in South London

Some time ago Londonist website ran a poll to choose the best London novel of all time.  I’d heard of most of the top ten and had even read…

The Barbican’s concrete jungle, “Looking From Cromwell Tower”

The Cripplegate area of the City of London was decimated during the Blitz. In the 1950’s it was decided to build the Barbican residential estate on the Cripplegate…

Stuart Free saving old London through his paintings, one building at a time.

Stuart Free paints London buildings. Not for him the famous landmarks though, his interest is in local buildings that are the backdrop to everyday life. Cafes, shops, pubs, clubs, warehouses and tower…