Category: Historical London

Shard and the Tower

I took this from Tower Hill. The Shard appears to be ascending out of the Tower of London like a reluctant snake charmed from its basket.

Somerset House in the winter sunshine

These photos were taken on a Sunday morning before the tourists were up and about. I dont think I’ve seen Somerset House so empty – I’m usually there…

A crisp December morning “up the Monument”

Big Ben still has it

I took this from the back of a taxi after crossing Westminster Bridge The old tower looked sparkly and new despite its age.

Tower Bridge hiding in plain sight

I saw picture line up as I walked to a business meeting in More London. Perfect timing.  

Patrick Keiller’s London. Then & Now.

Patrick Keiller made his strange, uncategorisable  film, London, in 1992. It’s not a documentary although it uses documentary style footage and it’s certainly not traditional fiction. Perhaps Peter Ackroyd’s…

Under the weather: fog’s particular contribution to London art (and soup) in the late nineteenth century.

London exploded in size in the nineteenth century. In 1801 it had just over 1 million inhabitants. By 1901 the population had reached 6.5 million with the rate…