To the Royal Festival Hall to see pop group ABC perform The Lexicon Of Love parts 1 & 2.

Anne Dudley (who arranged strings on the albums) conducted a full orchestra, Martin Fry (who is all that is left of ABC these days) powered through the tunes. His voice was strong and the performance was great. I’m a huge fan of ABC and loved the evening. My wife who has less of a relationship with the group reckoned it one of the best gigs she’s ever seen. They are playing the Albert Hall in the New Year. We will be there.

The other star of the evening was the Festival Hall. It looks wonderful, a splendid 1950’s edifice, and sounds even better. I’d only ever been to classical concerts here before and always enjoyed them. ┬áThe old place adapted perfectly to pop and it’s strange glamour complemented the music.

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