Ok, so, I have to admit that I support Wales and find it difficult to cheer for anybody in an England game other than the opposition. I do enjoy a trip to Twickenham, however. Last weekend the visitors were Australia who were put to the sword in a brutal final ten minutes after a pretty equal match. The day itself was very jolly in a drunken kind of way.

Guinness outside the sodden pub The Barmy Arms (toilets photographed above), a mile or so walk to the ground in drizzle and then a damp afternoon juggling time between the bar and the lavatory. The game itself of course, during which proper rain lashed down. Afterwards, we burst out on to the concourse surrounding the ground to meet friends and stand in the rain shouting above the noise of a covers band playing songs you don’t like (or at least I don’t) for an hour or two. Then weaving an inefficient way , via several pubs, to queue (still raining) for a train home. A quick drink or two at the other end and a curry and just the one in the local before home (weather clearing up now) to pour a large whisky and the inevitable, premature sleep on the sofa in a wet coat with the dog. The whisky remaining untouched.

Always fun, the rugby. Even more fun when it’s not raining.