Secret Affair – 1979. 1980. 1981. 198gone.

The first record I ever heard in a proper grown up disco was Secret Affair’s Time For Action. That would be 1979. Height of the 2 Tone ska-mod revival. In those days when a record was hot they’d play it several times in an evening. We must have danced to Time For Action at least a dozen times that night. Afterwards, I came out into the cold night, dripping with sweat and with the song burnt into my humming ears, never to be forgotten. I was living oop North (north of England) at the time and the record sounded impossibly glamorous and “London” to me, then.

Secret Affair were rather naff, to be honest. They took themselves a bit too seriously and weren’t as confident about their music as they claimed to be. They were the mod revivalist’s mod revivalists and as such were more copyist than explorer. They had one other hit sized record which was called My World. The promo video was filmed on top of Primrose Hill & other locations in 1980. London looks a bit grim in 1980. I spotted Centrepoint, Regents Park Canal (one of my favourite London locations), the Natural History Museum (the Manchester United big Daddy of London museums) and the Barbican in the following video.

Here it is:

Ian Page was the lead singer. Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker may well have based part of his look on this Page suit. (Personal aside. I once danced to Time For Action at the 1990′s club Smashing. Jarvis Cocker shared the very small dancefloor with me. He may well have worn a red tie that night).  

Time For Action is here. I bet you cant help but tap your toes to this old beaut of a song:

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