Nightingale Lane

A Sex Pistol sang in Nightingale Lane, probably

The Lane runs from Clapham Common to Wandsworth Common and was originally a rural track that local yokels used to drive their cattle from one common land to…


Hedgehogs were the 19th century Rentokil

In the south-west corner of Covent Garden market you can still just about see the name of one of its early inhabitants. “Jas. Butler, Seedsman, Lavender Water, etc”…

Barges, looking from Poplar to the o2

A fine walk interrupted by beer: in search of London Pubs

Start: Limehouse          Finish: Canary Wharf Coming out of Limehouse station’s Branch Road exit there is a path down to the Limehouse Basin which is…


Newman Arms: Arvow Den-nowydh

I thought it was Welsh initially when they re-did the sign to the pub which had recently closed, but no. It’s Cornish. Not everyone approves of the addition…


The gothic towers of Highbury Corner

In 1800 there were only 10,000 people living in the self-contained village of Islington. By 1870 there were more than 200,000 and a swollen Islington was becoming absorbed…


The law of unintended circumstances…

….and an argument against stupid taxes. In 1696 some clever clog decided to tax windows. You had to pay an extra tax for each window in your home….


A writer’s view of the street

As I wandered round Cloudesley Square, one of Islington’s very fine Georgian squares, trying to mentally undress the dominating church at its centre of the scaffolding overcoat that…


The future is at the end of our road

Walking along Shepherdess Walk after visiting The Eagle I reached the William IV pub and looking left down Micawber Street and along a street of Georgian Terraces I…


Charlie Brown’s pub at Limehouse

Sadly closed and demolished to make way for the Limehouse Link Tunnel in 1989, Charlie Brown’s was one of the pubs featured in Alan Reeve-Jones book London pubs….

An Ancient Greek on the roof of Cumberland Avenue

Cumberland Terrace in blue

Such is the cheek by jowl nature of London that you can leave a rough and ready post-war council estate built on a bomb damaged site  – Regents…