Gotham City in London

I sat and had al fresco lunch in Victoria Embankment Gardens with my daughter and looked up at the back of buildings that face on to the Strand…


Tower Bridge from the East

I’ve lathered this picture in filters to make it feel like an illustration from a ladybird book. Looks retro-futuristic, I think.


Somerset House in the winter sunshine

These photos were taken on a Sunday morning before the tourists were up and about. I dont think I’ve seen Somerset House so empty – I’m usually there…


The view along Fleet Street

The classic picture looking east along Fleet Street has St Paul’s Cathedral sitting at the end, fat and majestic. These days if you stand slightly to the south…


Infidelity in Iberia

Our last stop of a week long European trip was Madrid. Friday afternoon tapas and the sun shone. First sight of blue sky all week.


Berlin uber Alles

Last week I took this on our way to a stand up outdoors lunch of beer and currywurst in Berlin. A fine city.


Playing away in Copenhagen

It was windy and cold and all the locals complained that they hadn’t really had a winter this year. On a whistlestop European tour last week.  


Cheating on London in Paris

On business last week.


A bike on platform 6, Kings Cross

Not many people around at 6.30 in the morning.  


Kings Cross at 6.35am on a winter’s morning.

I arrived 30 minutes early for a train so had time to look at photos from a Dennis O’Regan exhibition of rock photos on the concourse and take…